1. Is there Charge for JandusRadio?

    Jandus Radio is free to use and runs on Data (BIS) or Wifi.  As long as you have a plan with unlimited BIS, you should not be charged.  It does not use airtime.
  2. I have a blackberry, how come it is not supported?

    Blackberry has quite a lot of model numbers, which we may have not considered at the time of the release.  If you have a Bold, Curve or Torch, most likely you will be albe to use this app.  Please click on the following link. Check my user Agent and email support(at)jandusradio.com with the text displayed.  "Subject: My Device is Not Supported"
  3. How come some other Nigerian stations are not on jandus radio?

    We are actively working on establishing partnerships with most of the radio stations in Lagos, however it is up to the radio station to decide whether or not to be part of the Jandus Radio application.
  4. How do we get our station on Jandus Radio?

    Please email stationrequests(at)jandusradio.com.  If you already know your station ip and portnumber please include in the following format.
    Station Name:
    Stream Url and portnumber:
    Twitter Handle:
  5. How do we advertise on jandusradio?

    Please email advertising(at)jandusradio.com for a list of our rates.
  6. We are not streaming yet but would like to. How can we get on Jandus Radio?

    Please email stationrequests(at)jandusradio.com with this request. Subject: We would like to stream